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أهلا وسهلا بك و بإنضمامك لباقة زهورنا الفواحة
آملين ان تسعد بيننا ونسعد بك اخاً جديداً
كل التراحيب و التحايا لا تعبر عن مدى سرورنا بإنضمامك لنا
ها هي ايادينا نمدها لك ترحيبا وحفاوه آملين أن تقضي بصحبتنا
أسعد و أطيب الأوقات <span><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="up" scrollamount="1" height="60">التسجيل بالإسم الكامل ضروري للتمكن من استطلاع محتوى منتدى tutorat كل تسجيل لا يحتوي على الإسم الكامل سوف تحذف عضويته مباشرة من طرف المشرفين على المنتدى وشكرا.</marquee></span>
تقبل منا أعذب وارق تحايانا

    writing .....


    writing .....

    مُساهمة  alalach في السبت نوفمبر 21, 2009 10:49 am

    would you like to read novel or to see a film

    By means of the modern technology, the production of stories and films had increased.
    That’s why reading and watching films are the favorite hobbies of people, but what do they prefer? And why?

    There are some people, who prefer reading to watching films, because, they learn new and specific vocabulary, since/as/because, there are many kinds of stories: scientific stories, historical stories…they also know about many writers, and learn a lot from them.

    When you read a story you can imagine it as you want you’re free, but, when you see a film, you are obliged to see it in the director’s imagination, “when you read many books or stories you have many lives” said “AL AKKAD”. You can feel this if you imagine that you belong to the characters of the story, and if you try to resolve the problems they face and to imagine your reactions.

    Other people prefer reading, since they are able to read, and get a great will (la volonté) to read many times, but in films you can not, and sometimes, the actors speak too fast that makes you don’t hear anything.

    Other people prefer watching films to reading. They say that they’re impatient to know the end of the story, so they can’t read for days to know it. That’s why they prefer films that are short.

    While watching films, you discover new places of the world, you learn many languages, you know the customs of many countries. You can also judge the actors’ plays, and the imagination of the director.

    Personally, I like both, reading and watching films, because I learn a great deal of information from them.

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